Mary D. Ainsworth Psychological Clinic

Who we are

The Mary D. Ainsworth Psychological Clinic is a facility sponsored by the Department of Psychology's Clinical Training Program. The Ainsworth Clinic is staffed by clinical faculty members and supervised graduate student therapists. The Clinic provides confidential psychological services at no charge. Because we are a training clinic, our openings for services are limited and vary, so appointments are scheduled on an individual basis only. No emergency or walk-in services are available.

What we do

Services offered include assessment and treatment of a wide range of problems, such as interpersonal and relationship difficulties, personal adjustment problems, and anxiety, depression, or other emotional concerns. Both short-term and long-term psychotherapy are available from a variety of orientations. More specialized psychological interventions may be offered as well, such as treatments for eating disorders and the use of Cognitive Behavior therapy for anxiety disorders, such as phobias, compulsions, and obsessions. Couples, family, and group therapy may be offered on a limited basis.


The clinic offers testing and or assessment services for a variety of academic and psychological issues including school placement, learning disabilities, attention deficit problems, or emotional difficulties.   Openings are very limited and typically occur in December, April and June. The number of openings we will have during the academic year is unpredictable, and therefore, we are unable to keep a waiting list. Typically, we complete 10-12 assessments per year.  We offer testing services for children, adolescents, and adults. Children and adolescents are generally tested by advanced students at our clinic.  Therefore, there are fewer openings, and these openings are more difficult to predict.


Our openings for therapy are limited and occur mainly in September through January.  There are occasional additional openings throughout the remainder of the year.  These openings vary and are based on the training needs of our students.

Because we are a training clinic, a phone intake screening is completed with anyone interested in therapy to make sure that our clinic can provide an appropriate level of care.

When our clinic has availability, there is generally a wait for therapy.  Therefore, we are unable to offer walk-in or emergency services.

 Frequent treatment issues include:  depression, interpersonal and relationship difficulties, personal adjustment problems, anxiety, phobias, obsessions and/or compulsions, and eating disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Department of Psychology Clinical Faculty and Clinic Staff

Faculty Director: Lee Llewellyn, Ph.D.

  • Joseph Allen, Ph.D.
  • James Coan, Ph.D.
  • Robert Emery, Ph.D.
  • Noelle Hurd, Ph.D
  • Lee Llewellyn, Ph.D.
  • Paul Perrin, Ph.D.
  • Bethany Teachman, Ph.D.
  • Eric Turkheimer, Ph.D.

Clinic Coordinator: Susan Lane

Appointments and Hours

Regular hours for the Ainsworth Clinic are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Appointments are scheduled on an individual basis only. No emergency or walk-in services are available. There are no fees for the Clinic's services.

To inquire about our current availability:

Call: 434-982-4737
E-mail: [email protected]

How to Contact Us


Ainsworth Clinic, Department of Psychology, PO Box 400400, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4400

Phone: (434) 982-4737

E-mail: [email protected]