Transfer Students FAQ

How do you transfer to UVA? 

You can learn more about becoming a UVA student by visiting our Admissions pages: 

How many transfer credits can count toward the major? 

You can use up to 12 credit hours of transferred courses toward the psychology major. This normally amounts to four 3-credit courses.  

What are some courses that are commonly transferred from Virginia Community Colleges, and how to do they count toward the major?

Please refer to the transfer credit analyzer for a historical reference on how courses from other institutions have transferred to UVA.  The list shown below is for general reference only and is subject to change, and your specific coursework equivalency will be determined at the time your coursework is officially evaluated by UVA. 

  • PSY 230 - Development Psychology transfers as PSYC 2000T and counts as a prerequisite course and also fulfills pillar 3 of our major requirements.  
  • PSY 211 & PSY 213 (together) transfers as PSYC-2005 Research Methods & Data Analysis I.

Please note: These coures may not automatically appear on your Major Academic Requirements report in SIS. Please contact the Director, Chris Mazurek, [email protected] to have them added.

What prerequisites are needed to declare the Psychology major? 

The prerequisite courses listed below must be completed and graded before you qualify to declare the major.  Transferred courses meeting these descriptions may be used as prerequisite courses.  Grades of at least “C” are required for each (exceptions apply for COVID related grading options, view the policy for guidance):

  • A GPA of at least 2.00 for all psychology courses taken at UVa.
  • STAT-1601 Introduction to Data Science with R
  • PSYC-2005 Research Methods & Data Analysis I 
  • Two 2000-level PSYC courses from two different “pillars” (see list of pillars and courses that fall within those pillars below):
    • Intro to Psychology (PSYC 1010 at UVA, PSY 200 or PSY 201 at Virginia Community Colleges), or a score of at least 3 in AP Psychology, can satisfy one of these 2000-level prerequisites, but does not contribute credit toward the major
    • Pillar I: Cognitive Psychology
      • PSYC-2150 Cognitive Psychology -or-
      • PSYC-2160 Cognitive Neuroscience
    • Pillar II: Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience
      • PSYC-2200 Neural Basis of Behavior -or-
      • Note:  BIOL 3050 fulfills this pillar requirement, but does not count toward the 34 hours required for the psychology major. Students using BIOL3050 to satisfy the Pillar II requirement must take an additional PSYC course to fulfil the 34-credit degree requirement.
    • Pillar III: Developmental Psychology
      • PSYC-2700 Child Development
    • Pillar IV: Clinical and Social Psychology
      • PSYC-2410 Abnormal Psychology -or-
      • PSYC-2600 Social Psychology

I am a new 3rd year transfer and I am missing some prerequisite courses, what are my options to declare Psychology?

Conditional Major Declaration process: If you are a new 3rd year transfer and you are missing up to 2 prerequisite courses, you qualify for a the Conditional Major Declaration process.  We understand that most likely you won't have all of the prerequisite courses because some of them are pretty specific to our major, especially: STAT-1601 Introduction to Data Science with R, and PSYC-2005 Research Methods and Data Analysis I.  If you want to be considered for the Conditional Major Declaration process, please sign up for your missing prerequisite courses in your first semester here, and list them on your major declaration form.  Your declaration will be approved under the condition that you pass your remaining prerequisite courses with at least a C or better grade.

Request to Defer the Major: If you have more than two missing prerequisite courses, plan on taking them in your first semester here, and fill out the "Request to Defer" major form.  This will give you one semester to complete your prerequisite courses.   After grades post, and you have earned a C or better in your prerequisite courses, you will be eligible to then submit your formal declaration form.  

Visit our Psychology Major page for complete instructions on how to declare the major.

What if I am missing a prerequisite course, and I am starting my 3rd year?

You can "defer" the psychology major, by following the Defer Major instructions. "Deferring your major" means that you are taking the last of your prerequisite courses, and you will officially declare at the end of the first half of your third year.  It's important to touch base with the Director, Chris Mazurek, [email protected], for advising on deferring the major.

You should plan to sign up for any missing prerequisite courses in the first semester of your third year.  Common courses that 3rd year transfers are missing are:

  • STAT-1601 Introduction to Data Science with R 
  • PSYC-2005 Research Methods and Data Analysis I

What are some introductory psychology courses you would recommend taking if I am new to psychology or missing a 2000 level prerequisite?

  • PSYC-1010 Intro to Psychology (this course is a great introduction to Psychology and it will count as a prerequisite, but does not count toward the 34 credits of the major)
  • PSYC-2700 Child Development
  • ​PSYC-2410 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYC-2600 Social Psychology

What should I plan to take during my first semester?

3rd year transfers should plan to take any missing prerequisite courses you will need to declare the psychology major. 2nd year transfers should aim to have the prerequisite courses completed before the end of their second year.   It's important to touch base with the Director, Chris Mazurek, [email protected]

I completed the prerequisites; how do I declare the Psychology major?

Please follow the instructions to declare here: 

I have a question not listed, how can I get help?

Please contact the Director, Chris Mazurek, [email protected]