Student Organizations

Psychological Society at UVA

The Psychological Society at the University of Virginia aims to promote interest in the psychology department, help orient prospective psychology students, encourage student and faculty relations within the department, and make resources for internships, research, further education, and careers available to students. All students who are interested in psychology are encouraged to join. Majors or non-majors, first-years and up, are welcome. The faculty advisor is the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Chris Mazurek.

Join Collab Site (click the link or follow steps in Collab below)

  1. Go to menu item “Membership” and click on the “Joinable Sites” tab 
  2. Search for “psych society”
  3. Click “Join”


  • President: Eliza Averbach
  • Vice President: Nia-Isabella Garza
  • Treasurer: Liam Addy
  • Publicity Chair: Susanna Plageman
  • Secretary: Madison Monroe-Mohajerin
  • Historian / Website Manager: Alexis DelVecchio

Hoos Connected

UVA attracts students from all over Virginia, the U.S., and even the world. Consequently, every student that comes here has a unique perspective and experience. Hoos Connected at UVA brings together these diverse perspectives to discuss what we think is the most important aspect of life: CONNECTION. 

What brings us together? What can keep us apart? What do we have in common beneath the surface? 

In Hoos Connected, you'll meet with a small group of peers (8-10 students) each week to engage in activities and discussions that get at these important questions. Each group is led by two trained, upper-class student facilitators, who guide you through conversations that go beneath the surface level. 

UVA Clubs and Activities

What moves you—athletics? Literature? Chess? Salsa dancing? At UVA, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities to create your own unique experiences, find your niche and follow your passions. From arts and athletic events to over 800 clubs and organizations, the only option you won’t have is boredom.  Visit the clubs and activities page to learn more.

Association for Psychological Science (APS)

Undergraduate Student Affiliate – To qualify, the applicant must be currently enrolled as a full-time student pursuing an Associate or Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in psychology or any related field at an accredited degree-granting institution. Candidates who join/renew upon completion of their Bachelor’s degree program must join as Graduate Student Affiliates.