Research Faculty/Post Doc


Kevin Darby

Research Associate / Sederberg Lab
Charlie Ebersole

Charles Ebersole

Implicit Cognition Lab / Social Psychology Program

Aysegul Gungor Aydin

Postdoctoral Research Associate | Meliza Lab

Seohyun kim

Reseach Associate / Tong Lab
Kathleen Krol

Kathleen Krol

Research Scientist | Connelly and Grossmann Labs

Emily Loeb

Research Associate / Allen Lab
Bob Moulder

Robert Moulder

Human Dynamics Lab Quantitative Area
Allison Nagel

Alison Nagel

Reppucci Lab Community and Clinical Area

Emma Potter

Research Associate / Patterson Lab
Rolf Skyberg

Rolf Skyberg

Postdoctoral Fellow in Cang Lab

Jessica Stern

Postdoctoral Research Associate | Grossmann, Vaish and Allen labs

Chengsan Sun

Research Scientist | Hill Lab

Seiji Tanabe

Research Scientist - Cang Lab
Alexandra Werntz

Alexandra Werntz Czywczynski

PACT Lab Clinical Area