The Psychology Undergraduate Excellence Program offers paid internship opportunities to psychology majors in collaboration with University Career Services. These opportunities are listed/updated in Handshake, and include summer positions in external organizations and psychology research labs, and year-round positions that assist in various outreach and diversity enhancement initiatives in the department.  For additional internship listings, login to Handshake and search for 'Psychology'.  Visit the Psychology Department Internship (PDIP) home page for deadlines and instructions.

NEW! Psychology Internship Toolkit Course (PSYC 3910)

Course Details

Instructor: Erin Clabough, PhD 

Credits: 1

Grading Option: graded  

Pre- or co-requisites:  Students must have previously taken or be currently enrolled in one of the following courses: 

  • LASE 3510 or Unst 3510 or UNST 3910 or UNST 3920

Course Goals: This course provides a framework to help you explore career options and practices in psychology. The structure surrounding career pathways, ethics, and communication modalities varies dramatically between different fields of study. The goals of this class are to demystify the way that the field of psychology conventionally approaches these topics and to provide students with concrete skills to interact meaningfully with others within the psychology field using an active learning format. 

This exploration will take place during five 3-hour workshops where we will discuss topics including career options in psychology, specialized training requirements in psychology subdisciplines, ethics and responsible conduct in workplace and mental health care, and communication content and styles that you will encounter in this field. During these workshops, you will have opportunities to interact with scenarios and information as a real psychologist would.  

UVA Internship Placement Program (IPP)

For over 40 years, the UVA Internship Placement Program (IPP) has connected students with quality professional internships. The IPP team matches you with a customized internship placement based on the best opportunities for your interests, skills, and goals. We will help you develop your skills and knowledge through a Professional Development Workshop and provide ongoing support in all aspects of your internship experience. All internship sites are pre-qualified to meet UVA standards and guidelines established for internships by the Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act.

While internship placement cannot be guaranteed, one application provides you with consideration for multiple opportunities.  Questions? Schedule a virtual IPP Advising Appointment online on Handshake or by calling the UVA Career Center at 434-924-8900. 

Visit the Career Center Internship page for more resources related to internships.

Other Internship Listings

Earning Academic Credit, Internship Requirements & Authorizations

Internships can be paid, unpaid, or for academic credit. How do you evaluate and weigh these options? While academic credit legitimizes an unpaid experience, in order to be identified as an internship, the experience must fit the internship criteria outlined by the National Association of College and Employers (NACE) which adhere to the US Department of Labor Fair Standards Act (FLSA). Employers may require credit as part of the internship experience.  Please contact the UVA Career Center for more information. 

Have you found an internship on your own that requires earning academic credit?

Contact the UVA Career Center for guidance.