-Frequently Asked Questions-


- What is the Quantitative Neurobiology of Behavior?

The field of neuroscience is undergoing a fundamental shift toward large-scale, integrative questions. Modern behavioral, genetic, and electrophysiological methods allow us to interrogate the structure and function of the brain at an astounding level of detail. These data require sophisticated, quantitative models, and trainees are increasingly expected to be conversant in approaches that combine experimental, theoretical, and computational methods to unlock our understanding of the function of the brain. 

- What is the Interdisciplinary Fellowship in Quantitative Neurobiology of Behavior?

The IDF in Quantitative Neurobiology of Behavior is a program offered by the University of Virginia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences that offers prospective students a competitive opportunity to perform research with a collaborative, interdisciplinary team of faculty in the Psychology and Biology Departments who share an interest in using quantitative models to study the brain and behavior.

- How is the IDF structured?

Fellows in this program will participate in a newly designed curriculum and mentoring program that combines training in core theoretical and computational skills with opportunities to perform interdisciplinary research under the guidance of two or more faculty. The Quantitative Neurobiology of Behavior cluster is not a substitute or extra-departmental curriculum but will provide activities that students will undertake in parallel with their disciplinary training to broaden and enhance their research interests.

- How do I apply?

Prospective students should apply to either the Psychology or Biology Ph.D. programs, specifying an interest in the IDF in a separate statement. Successful applicants will be admitted to the department they apply to, and will be expected to complete that department's standard requirements and training for a Ph.D. in the primary field of study. Further instructions are available at the home page for this program: http://graduate.as.virginia.edu/quantitative-neurobiology-behavior

-Which IDF mentors in Psychology will be considering new students this year?

Adema Ribic, Dan Meliza, Jessica Connelly, JC Cang, Xiaorong Liu, Per Sederberg and Jack van Horn.