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 Staff Directory





Department Administration     |    102 Gilmer Hall

Department Chair:        Alev Erisir, PhD 

Assistant Chair:        Donna Hearn

Administrative Assistant to Chair and DGS:   Debbie Snow 

Undergraduate Programs     |     140 Gilmer Hall

Director of Undergraduate Studies:        Frederick Smyth, PhD     

           Office Hours: By Appointment

Undergraduate Coordinator:     Kimbo Smith     |    434-982-4981     
            Office hours:   M-R:  9:00-12:00, 2-3:30 F: 9:00-12:00 and by appointment

Graduate Programs

Director of Graduate Studies:      Daniel Willingam, PhD 

Director of Graduate Admissions:     Angeline Lillard, PhD  

Director of Clinical Training:      Bethany Teachman, PhD (on leave S19) and  Joseph Allen, PhD

Director of +1MA Admissions:     Karen Schmidt, PhD