Jianhua 'JC' Cang

Paul T. Jones Jefferson Scholars Foundation Professor of Neuroscience


Research Interests

Research Description: The overall goal of our research is to study the organization, function and development of the mammalian visual system. With an integrative approach that combines physiology, imaging, genetics, molecular, behavioral, and computational methods, our research is mainly along two directions. First, we made a paradigm-shifting discovery regarding how sensory experience shapes visual functions in the cortex during a critical period in early life. Second, we have carried out a series of functional studies of the mouse superior colliculus, helping to establish it as a new model for studying visual information processing and sensorimotor transformation. We are now continuing both lines of research in mice by performing mechanistic studies of critical period plasticity in the cortex and visual transformation and development in the superior colliculus. For more information, please visit my website.

Dr. Cang's lab will be coming to the University of Virginia in Fall 2017.

Representative Publications