Aysegul Gungor Aydin

Postdoctoral Research Associate | Meliza Lab

Office Address

 470 Gilmer Hall



  • 2018 Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Pamukkale University, Turkey International Research Fellowship by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Co-supervised by Alev Erisir, University of Virginia, Charlottesville  
  • 2016 M.Sc. in Anatomy, Pamukkale University, Turkey
  • 2012 M.Sc. in Biophysics, Pamukkale University, Turkey
  • 2009 B.S. in Biochemistry, Ege University, Turkey

Research Focus

Early acoustic experience shapes the functional and physiological properties of cortical auditory circuits. I want to better understand how potassium currents affected by auditory experience influence the development of auditory processing. I am also interested in studying how genetic variants associated with dyslexia and other developmental language disorders influence the development of auditory processing by changing potassium currents and intrinsic dynamics.