Jessica Connelly

Associate Professor of Psychology

Office Address

Office Hours:
Tue: 12:30-1:30


Research in the Connelly lab is focused on the dissection of complex phenotypes and human disease at the level of transcription and epigenetic regulation. Our current projects seek to understand the relationship between DNA methylation of the oxytocin receptor and individual differences in behavior in humans and model systems.

Selected Publications

  • Connelly JJ, Golding J, Gregory SP, Ring SM, Davis JM, Davey Smith G, Harris JC, Carter CS, and Pembrey M. Personality, behavior, and environmental features associated with OXTR genetic variants in British mothers. PLoS One. 2014 Mar 12;9(3):e90465.
  • Smith KE, Porges EC, Norman GJ, Connelly JJ, Decety J. Oxytocin receptor genetic variation predicts empathic concern and autonomic arousal while viewing pain in others. Social Neuroscience. 2014 Feb;9(1):1-9.
  • Jack A, Connelly JJ, Morris JP. DNA methylation of oxytocin receptor gene predicts neural response to ambiguous social stimuli. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 2012 Oct; 6(280).
  • Gregory SG t Connelly JJ , Towers AJ, Biscocho D, Markunas C, Lintas C, Abramson RK, Wright HH, Ellis P, Langford CF, Worley G, DeLong GR, Murphy SK, Cuccaro ML, Persico A, and Pericak-Vance MA.  Genomic and epigenetic evidence for OXTR deficiency in autism.  BMC Medicine. 2009  Oct 22: 7: 62.