Research Areas

The graduate program is organized into seven broad areas of specialization: Clinical, Cognitive, Community, Developmental, Neuroscience & Behavior, Quantitative, and Social Psychology. Graduate students may concentrate their studies in one of these areas or may combine areas to meet their specific research interests.

Each area meets formally and informally on a regular basis for discussion seminars and colloquia, including the weekly developmental lunch, the cognitive studies group, the neuroscience seminar, the advances in community and clinical psychology groups, and social lunch. Seminars on research design and data analysis are available for students interested in quantitative psychology.

A colloquium series brings to the Department distinguished speakers who address a variety of current topics in psychology. A more detailed description of the major areas of specialization, concentrating on current research topics, follows. Note that department admissions are done by area. Each area page below specifies the faculty who hope to admit to that area in the coming year.





Neuroscience and Behavior