Where is Psychology During Gilmer Renovation (March 2020 to August 2022)?

During Gilmer Hall Renovations, the Department of Psychology research labs and offices will be housed in three separate buildings across Grounds.

Here is how to find us:  
(or email psychology@virginia.edu)

Department of Psychology at the Corner 

  • Psychology Undergraduate Major Office
  • Cognitive Science Major Office
  • Neuroscience Major Office
  • Psychology Department Administration
  • Social Psychology Research Labs
  • Cognitive Psychology Labs
    • Virginia Cognitive Aging Project
  • Developmental Psychology Labs
    • BabyLab
    • The Early Development Lab
    • The Early Social Development Lab   

Department of Psychology at Millmont

  • Quantitative Psychology faculty and graduate student offices   
    • Institute for the Dynamics of Healthy Development
  • Community Psychology faculty and graduate student offices 
    • PHAD Lab
    • F.H.I.RE Lab
    • Early Steps Lab
  • Clinical Psychology faculty and graduate student offices
  • Mary D. Ainsworth Psychological Clinic  


 Department of Psychology at Gilmer East Wing

  • Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience  
    • Research Labs
      • Brunjes
      • Cang
      • Connelly
      • Erisir
      • Hill
      • Liu
      • Meliza
      • Ribic
      • Williams
    • Faculty, Graduate Student and Postdoc Offices