Psychology Undergraduate Excellence Programs

Internship Opportunities

The Psychology Undergraduate Excellence Program offers paid internship opportunities to psychology majors in collaboration with University Career Services. These opportunities are updated regularly, and include summer positions in external organizations and psychology research labs, and year-round positions that assist in various outreach and diversity enhancement initiatives in the department.

Check back here regularly for currently open positions.


External Resources:

* Visit our Internships web page for information about more opportunities and programs.

* PsychResearchList is a database for paid internship opportunities and application guidance. It is created and maintained by Meltem Yucel, PhD, a recent graduate from UVA Developmental Psychology PhD program.

Psychology Tutoring

The Department of Psychology has launched a tutoring program for undergraduate students who are enrolled in introductory psychology courses in spring 2022. Virtual and in-person tutoring sessions are provided free of charge for enrolled students. Our paid tutors are undergraduate students who have taken the same courses in earlier semesters.  

The following courses offer psychology tutoring in Spring 2022:

  • PSYC 2005 - Research Methods and Data Analysis I
  • PSYC 2150 - Introduction to Cognition
  • PSYC 2200 - Neura Basis of Behavior
  • PSYC 2600 - Introduction to Social Psycho0logy
  • PSYC 2700 - Introduction to Child Psychology
  • PSYC 3006- Research Methods and Data Analysis II

 Visit our Tutoring web page for schedules and more information.

Outreach Programs in the Community

Brain Camp 2021

Brain Awareness Week Virtual Field Trip 2021

Supported by a Dana Foundation in Spring 2021, UVA Psychology brought brain science to local K-5 classrooms with (virtual) hands-on demonstrations and activities.