Coan, Meliza, Sederberg, Teachman and Tong each received 3 Cavalier Research Funds.

Fri, 2018-09-21


* A systems approach to understanding a neuronal circuit for detecting motion | Barry G. Condron, PhD – Department of Biology, C Daniel Meliza, PhD – Department of Psychology, Scott T. Acton, PhD – Department of Electrical and Community Engineering

* Automatic Sensing and Characterization of Social Interactions | Laura Barnes, PhD - Department of Systems and Information Engineering, Jennifer Jane Roe, PhD - Center for Design and Health, Bethany Teachman, PhD - Department of Psychology

* Brain Mechanisms of Pain Fear Acquisition and Extinction in Humans | Jeff Liu, PhD – Department of Neurosurgery, Per Benjamin Sederberg, PhD – Department of Psychology, W. Jeff Elias, MD – Department of Neurosurgery

* Harnessing the Wandering Mind | Zachary Irving, PhD - Department of Philosophy, James Coan, PhD - Department of Psychology, Sonam Kachru, PhD - Department of Religious Studies.

* Accelerating the Transition to Healthy and Sustainable Food by Appealing to the Senses | Jeffrey Boichuk, PhD - McIntire School of Commerce, Xin Tong, PhD – Department of Psychology, Luca Cian, PhD – Darden School of Business