Diversity Resources

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Psychology Representatives

Faculty, Bethany Teachman: bteachman@virginia.edu
Graduate Student, Alexis Stanton: ags7wu@virginia.edu
DDIs serve to advance, promote and cultivate diverse and inclusive departments. They will assist in implementing best practices and communicate to appropriate parties about issues relating to diversity and inclusion including: faculty hiring, search committees, search process, faculty retention, departmental climate, guiding/mediating peers in difficult conversations or around issues of conflict, graduate student recruitment/retention/climate, curriculum in undergraduate and graduate programs, and staff retention/climate.

Graduate Student-Chaired Committee

Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality Committee

Jessica Mazen: jm5ku@virginia.edu
Sara Medina-DeVilliers: sm5bf@virginia.edu
Nauder Namaky: nn2r@virginia.edu
The Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality Committee's mission is to highlight diversity research that is being conducted in the department and also to recruit more minority applicants. Regarding the latter, in the past the committee has attended graduate school fairs to recruit applicants. The committee works to promote the equality of all members of the psychology department, with a focus on issues impacting gender and sexual minorities. Committee members' tasks are to give voice to historically marginalized communities in the above areas; advocating for the equality of women, trans* / non-binary, bisexual, lesbian, and gay members of our department and promoting a safe and supportive work environment for all people. In the past, this committee has secured a nursing/pumping room in the department, worked towards equitable access to bathroom facilities, and organized trainings on how graduate students and faculty could support undergraduate survivors of gender-based violence and sexual assault. Members also seek opportunities to collaborate with other diversity-related organizations and committees at UVa.

Faculty-Chaired Committee

Diversity and Inclusion Faculty Committee

Bethany Teachman: bteachman@virginia.edu
Faculty Members:
Charlotte Patterson, cjp@virginia.edu
Frederick Smyth, fls3z@virginia.edu
Cedric Williamsclw3b@virginia.edu
Graduate Student Representatives:
Alexis Stanton, ags7wu@virginia.edu
Ariana Rivens, ar4pd@virginia.edu
Sara Medina-DeVilliers, sm5bf@virginia.edu
Meghan Costello, mac4qe@virginia.edu
Ilana Ladisiel9ef@virginia.edu
Abha Basargekar, arb6kg@virginia.edu
Janelle Billingsley, jtb2ma@virginia.edu
Allie Silverman, als8tx@virginia.edu
Corey Pettit, cp7ze@virginia.edu
Crystal Slane, crs3fh@virginia.edu
Kayden Stockwell, ks6hv@virginia.edu
Lamont Stanley Bryant, lsb2gd@virginia.edu
Stephanie McKee, sm8jf@virginia.edu
Taina Quiles, tbq7dc@virginia.edu
Kyshia Henderson, kh4nq@virginia.edu
The Psychology Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Faculty Committee seeks to enact the department’s mission to foster an academically enriching and supportive climate for all members of our community. The faculty committee serves the entire psychology community, including staff, students, and faculty.  
The committee is chaired by the department’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion, and includes a faculty representative who considers needs in the community related to race and ethnicity, a faculty representative who considers needs related to gender and sexuality, and a faculty representative who considers emerging challenges that are high priority concerns at a given time. The committee will also include a graduate student representative who will serve as a liaison between the diversity and inclusion faculty and student committees.
The committee will strive to foster an environment that is diverse with regards to social identities (including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, ability, religion, immigration status) and where all members of the community feel safe, respected, and valued. The mission includes being proactive (generating initiatives that faculty are particularly well suited to lead), supportive (helping students and other members of the community implement their ideas to promote diversity and inclusion), and reactive when necessary (addressing problems that may arise in the psychology community and broader university).
The particular activities of the committee can change over time depending on current needs and opportunities. Examples of the aims on which the committee may focus include: sharing resources and creating a supportive environment in the psychology department; improving recruitment and retention of diverse scholars and staff at all levels; responding to bias and hate speech/acts; building community connections; and coordinating training and education opportunities that promote diversity and inclusion.
Central to all activities of the faculty committee will be a commitment to collaboration, transparency, self-reflection and assessment, equality, and using psychological science (when possible) to guide our activities and decision-making. 

Sources of Funding for Minority Students and Research on Diverse Populations

Hyde Student Research Grant
American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program
Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships
Millennium Scholars Program
Society for Neuroscience Diversity in Neuroscience
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Research Grants

College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Directors of Diversity

Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans