Developmental lunch -- Sheila Jaswal (Associate Professor of Chemistry, Amherst College) -- via Zoom.

  • Dr. Jaswal pioneered the course Being Human in STEM after listening to students' experiences related to identity and marginalization on campus. This course aims at exploring diversity issues in STEM higher education and has resulted in a range of student-led projects giving voices to students' experiences and developing resources for supporting them. Since its inception at Amherst College, this model has been adopted by several other institutions around the country. We extend a cordial invitation to all who wish to attend.
Time and Location: 
12:30pm, Zoom
Wednesday, September 9, 2020
"Being Human in STEM: a collaborative course model for empowering student-led change to enhance equity in STEM." (Zoom link, Meeting ID: 937 5011 3425, Passco