Congratulations to 2020-2021 PHD and MA Graduates

MASTER OF ARTS Research Methods Concentration & Thesis

Robert Thomas Michaels

Automated Topic and Sentiment Analysis of a Public Online Support Group for Psychosis Spectrum Disorders
Advisor: Karen Schmidt, PhD

Samuel Darin Powers

Coverage that Goes the Distance: Extending Distance Metrics and Clustering Methods to Assess
Advisor: Karen Schmidt, PhD



Johanna Rebecca Chajes

Fairness Takes Time: Development of Cooperative Decision-making in Childhood

Advisor: Amrisha Vaish, PhD

Nava Caluori

Globalization Predicts Reduced Religiosity across Time and Cultures

Advisor: Shigehiro Oishi, PhD

Meghan Abigail Costello

The Development of Emotional Support Capacities in Adolescent Friendships: A Transactional, Iterative Process with Implications for Functioning in Adult Romantic Relationships Advisor: Joseph Allen, PhD

Adam Fenton

Model-based Analysis of a Novel Variant of the Balloon Analogue Risk Task Improves Sensitivity to Risk-taking Behavior
Advisor: Per Sederberg, PhD

Jessica Nicole Gettleman

A Decision Processes Account of the Differences in the Eyewitness Confidence-Accuracy Relationship between Strong and Weak Face Recognizers under Suboptimal Exposure and Delay Conditions

Advisor: Chad Dodson, PhD

Kyshia Henderson

Confederate Monuments and the History of Lynching in the American South: An Empirical Examination

Advisor: Sophie Trawalter, PhD

Andrew Joseph Lampi

Parent and Child Reports of Child's Alexithymia May Not Be Related in Typical Development
Advisor: Vikram Jaswal, PhD

Yanbin Li

Chinese Culture, American Culture, and Parenting Aspirations Among Chinese International Students of Diverse Sexual Identities Advisor: Charlotte Patterson, PhD

Yuching Lin

Evaluating Multiple Goals Simultaneously Makes Meaning Easier to Evaluate

Advisor: Timothy Wilson, PhD

Ariana Rivens

"She's Not Gonna Judge You for What You're Saying": Understanding Factors Associated with Disclosure between Black Youth and Non-parental Familial Adults Advisor: Noelle Hurd, PhD

Alexandra Lee Silverman

The Relationship between Access to Mental Health Resources and Use of Preferred Effective Mental Health Treatment
Advisor: Bethany Teachman, PhD

Alexis Grayce Stanton

Examining Black Women's Intersectional Identity and Mental Health: A Moderated Mediation Model
Advisor: Noelle Hurd, PhD

Catherine Lawson Thrasher

Caregiver Handholding Reduces Social Threat Bias in Preschool Children

Advisor: Tobias Grossmann, PhD

Christopher Leland Williams

Growth Mindset and Belonging: The Importance of Perceived Context

Advisor: Timothy Wilson, PhD



Margaret Claire Bjoring

Perception and Neural Representation of Auditory Restoration in the Songbird

Advisor: C. Daniel Meliza, PhD

Matthew Domiteaux

Marriage Material: Using Machine Learning to Identify the Variables of Importance that Best Predict Marriage in the Add Health Longitudinal Dataset Advisor: Eric Turkheimer, PhD

Jessica Kansky

Romantic Relationship Predictors of Adolescent and Adult Mental Health

Advisor: Joseph Allen, PhD

Sara Medina-DeVilliers

A Burden Shared is a Burden Halved:
The Role of Load Sharing on the Brain’s Threat Response 

Advisor: James Coan, PhD

Alison Gilson Nagel
It Made Me Closer to the People in My Group”: Group-Level Processes Related to Deepening Relationships Among Adolescents in a Social Intervention.

Advisor: Joseph Allen, PhD 

Andrea Negrete

A Qualitative Study of Immigration Policies and Rhetoric in the Lives of Immigrant Young Adults from Latin America.
Advisor: Noelle Hurd, PhD

Dingjing Shi

A Nonparametric Bayesian Approach for Longitudinal Nonnormal and Missing Data in Growth Curve Models
Advisor: Cynthia Tong, PhD

Nazli Meltem Yucel

“No Fair!”: An Investigation of Children’s Development of Fairness

Advisor: Amrisha Vaish, PhD


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