2022-23 Department of Psychology Colloquium Series and DEI Graduate Curriculum Committee -- Laura Jamison


2022-2023 Psychology Department Colloquium Series
and the
DEI Graduate Curriculum Committee


Laura Jamison
Doctoral Candidate, Quantitative Psychology
University of Virginia

“Looking for Differences or Commonalities:
How to Use Statistical Methods to Drive Equitable Research”

The history of social statistics is rooted in eugenics. The driving force for much of statistical methodological development in social science research was in the interest of identifying differences between groups of people (specifically, across races). As a result, our field today still focuses heavily on comparison rather than identifying commonalities of psychological phenomena. This adverse systemic methodological philosophy impacts two areas: the education we receive on available methods, and the work we cite to show that our experiments and statistical analyses are sound. In the interest of driving equity, identifying both differences and commonalities may be of use depending on the topic of research. When comparisons are indeed the beneficial hypotheses of interest, this talk will introduce and provide resources on statistical methods (such as measurement invariance) to ensure responsible and sound comparisons are made. When conducting a comparison is not the most beneficial route, effective methods for investigating commonalities and the functioning of phenomena (such as methods for using the individual as the primary unit of analysis) will be discussed.

Friday, March 24, 2023
390 Gilmer Hall

Time and Location: 
1:30pm, Gilmer 390
Friday, March 24, 2023
"Looking for Differences or Commonalities: How to Use Statistical Methods to Drive Equitable Research"