Recent Publications and Dissertations

Recent Publications by Psychology Faculty

If, Why, and When Subjective Well-Being Influences Health, and Future Needed Research. Ed Diener, Sarah D. Pressman, John Hunter, and Desi Chase. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being, Preprint, 2017, volume 9 (2), pages 133-167.

Exploratory graph analysis: A new approach for estimating the number of dimensions in psychological research. Hudson F. Golino , Sacha Epskamp.  June 8, 2017, PLOS One.

What Shall We Call Ourselves? Last Names Among Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Couples and Their Adopted Children.  Charlotte J. Patterson & Rachel H. Farr. Journal of GLBT Family Studies. 2017. Volume 13, Issue 2, 


PhD Dissertations

Shaina Rowell, 2017
I remember being nice: Self-enhancement Memory Bias in Adults and Children.
Mentor:  Vikram Jaswal

Tyler Santander, 2017
The social (neural) network: Towards a unifying endophenotype between genes and behavior.
Mentors:  Jamie Morris & Jess Connelly

David Reinhard, 2017
The Influence of Temporal Group Identities on Goal-Pursuit
Mentor: Ben Converse