Diversity Resources

Graduate Student-Chaired Committees

Diversity Representation Committee 

Andrea Negrete: an8ee@virginia.edu

The Diversity Representation chair and committee mission is to highlight diversity research that is being conducted in the department and also to recruit more minority applicants. Regarding the latter, in the past the committee has attended graduate school fairs to recruit applicants. In addition, the committee also maintains a webpage (http://avillage.web.virginia.edu/Psych/Graduates/diversity)  that features diversity research conducted within the department.

Gender and Sexuality Committee 

Audrey Wittrup: arw9ru@virginia.edu

The Gender and Sexuality Committee works to promote the equality of all members of the psychology department, with a focus on issues impacting gender and sexual minorities. Committee members' tasks are to give voice to historically marginalized communities in the above areas; advocating for the equality of women, trans* / non-binary, bisexual, lesbian, and gay members of our department and promoting a safe and supportive work environment for all people. In the past, this committee has secured a nursing/pumping room in the department, worked towards equitable access to bathroom facilities, and organized trainings on how graduate students and faculty could support undergraduate survivors of gender-based violence and sexual assault. Members also seek opportunities to collaborate with other diversity-related organizations and committees at UVa.

Faculty-Chaired Committees

Diversity and Equity Committee

Lee Llewellyn: plh6w@virginia.edu

The Diversity and Equity Committee works towards facilitating communication, advocating concerns, and providing support and information to all faculty, staff, and graduate students on issues surrounding gender equity.  In the past this included the hiring and retention of female faculty, support and retention of female graduate students, and serving as a source of information and support for grievances (including sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, and other EOP complaints), as well as for family leave policies. Our work for the past year has focused more on ensuring a departmental climate that is supportive of diversity.  Specifically, the committee has also attempted to address issues and concerns of equity and support around sexual orientation and sexual identity. Currently, our committee is working with other graduate student committees on a new climate survey, and we are looking into possible panels or workshops in the spring.  Interested faculty, staff or graduate students should contact either the Chair of the Committee (currently Lee Llewellyn) or the Chair of the Department (currently Alev Erisir).

Minority and Ethnic Relations Committee 

Melvin Wilson: mnw@virginia.edu
Description: TBD

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Psychology Representatives

Graduate, Jason Sumontha: js4qp@virginia.edu
Faculty, Bethany Teachman: bteachman@virginia.edu

Sources of Funding for Minority Students and Research on Diverse Populations

American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program
Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships

Hyde Student Research Grant
Millennium Scholars Program
Society for Neuroscience Diversity in Neuroscience
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Research Grants